Estee Chan
British illustrator and graphic designer based in Tokyo. Her works comprise of various motifs and surreal matter, expressed primarily in pencil. 
Exhibitions / Events
2023 ASOBO! (group exhibition), Otho Gallery, Nihonbashi, Tokyo
2023 ANIMAL 2023 Selected Illustration (group exhibition), Artbook Secretariat Gallery, Ebisu, Tokyo
2023 ANIMAL アニマル 2023: Art Book of Selected Illustration, book publication
2023  New Power展 Vol.4 (group exhibition), Gallery Jiyugaoka, Meguro, Tokyo
2023  ACT新春小品展2023 (group exhibition), The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Shinjuku, Tokyo
2022  ANIMAL PLANET (group exhibition), The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Shinjuku, Tokyo
2022  海と川の生き物展2 (group exhibition), Boji Gallery, Shibuya, Tokyo